The Original Cookie Taste that Made me Famous!






What is a Kahuna?
In Hawaiian, “kahu” (v.) originally referred to taking care of an oven. In time, it became a term for taking care of anything. So, a basic translation of “kahuna” (n.) would be, “a caretaker.” The Cookie Kahuna is caretaker of the original recipe, caretaker of the oven, and CARETAKER OF THE TASTE. His first name is Wally.
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The Cookie Kahuna is Still Caretaker of the Taste

In 1975, when a guy whose last name conveniently rhymes with “famous” opened the world’s first gourmet cookie store, his recipe declared that all products be HANDMADE in small batches. And each flavor be crafted of the finest, PURE INGREDIENTS. The taste became famous. Then big companies with huge machines took over, grinding out cookies with lesser ingredients and lots of preservatives. But the TASTE of the ORIGINAL cookies is what people remembered. And it’s back!